Black Purple Tie Dye T-Shirt

$40.00 USD

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Truth be told, we never loved purple until we started to dye with purple dye.. The purple dye is magical, leave it and it spreads to a soft pink or disintegrates to blue... It has all the best ingredients (pink and blue). But this wouldn't be a Masha shirt if it wasn't for some black to go with the purple.. 

Every shirt is hand-dyed individually, using a unique tie-dye technique developed by Masha Apparel - giving it a one-of-a-kind quality. You won't find tie-dye like this anywhere else! Our shirts are 100% cloud-soft cotton. They are easy and comfy to wear, and quickly will become the favorite tee in your closet. Unisex true to size, sizing - means it will fit you just how you want.