Goth Grunge Black Off White Tie Dye Hoodie Masha Apparel Brand


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Want a sweater that is just as fun and mess as you are? Then this Grunge hoodie feels like it’s made of a little bit of magic and a little bit of aesthetic chaos! It seems to have it all - the celestial aqua-blue, the pretty purple, big strokes of gothic black, some smudges of earthy green and sprinkles of luminous yellow.

If a handful of beautifully contrasting, playful colors all scrunched into one is your kind of style, grab this sweater with an aesthetic joy of confetti graffiti!

Each hoodie is hand-dyed individually using a unique tie-dye technique developed by Masha Apparel - giving it a one-of-a-kind quality. You won't find tie-dye like this anywhere else! Our sweaters (hoodies and crewnecks) are 75% cotton and 25% polyester, and incredibly cozy. Unisex true to size sizing - means it will fit you just how you want. And if it doesn't, we will make sure to get you a sweater that does. Each hoodie is pre-shrunk and arrives washed post-dye.

Sizing (in inches):
S - Bust: 40" (fits 36"), Length- 27.5"
M - Bust: 44" (Fits 39"), Length - 28.5"
L - Bust: 48" (Fits 41"), Length - 29.5"
XL - Bust: 52" (Fits 45"), Length - 30.5"
2XL- Bust: 54" (Fits 48"), Length - 31.5"

Each hoodie is hand-dyed, so please allow for pattern variations, if you would like, we can send a pic of your shirt before we ship, just please let us know.