Pastel Goth Tie Dye Zip Hoodie


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From the hip and calming pastel blue and the amethyst purple to the splash of glamourous yellow, this fun and funky pastel combo makes our Pastel Goth Tie Dye Zip Hoodie for one heck of an attention seeker! Pastels have calming effect and create a feeling of earthiness, but this funky psychedelic crewneck sweater says ‘I’m like spring - I rejuvenate wherever I go!’ It’s like a little holiday in itself.

Personally to us, it looks like delish M&M®s in a form of hoodie screaming “Grab me now!!”

Each sweater is hand dyed individually using a unique tie-dye technique developed by Masha Apparel - giving it a one-of-a-kind quality. You won't find tie-dye like this anywhere else! Our sweaters (hoodies and crewnecks) are 75% cotton and 25% polyester, and incredibly cozy. Unisex true to size sizing - means it will fit you just how you want. And if it doesn't, we will make sure to get you a sweater that does. Each hoodie is pre-shrunk and arrives washed post-dye.