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About Us

Welcome to Masha Apparel! We make tie dye apparel for the whole family, our focus is t-shirts, maxi dresses, leggings and cozy sleepwear! We use only the softest fabrics available namely bamboo or organic cotton. These fabrics are soft, cozy and comfortable for those with sensitive skin. This has grown from a personal lifetime struggle with extremely sensitive skin, and  being unable to wear anything but natural, breathable fabrics. Bamboo is a particularly good fabric for anyone suffering from any skin condition (eg. eczema) or those with damaged skin. Bamboo has natural anti-wicking properties and therefore is great at keeping skin dry.All our dyed items start out either black or white and each undergoes its own unique process to achieve a beautiful new look. We use multiple dye washes to achieve a good depth of color, and a one of a kind design. We are always experimenting and adding new colors. If there is ever a custom tie dye you’d like to see please don’t hesitate to reach out and ask us to whip up a cool look just for you.


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