About Masha Apparel

Feel comfortable in your clothes while also standing out in a crowd with our cheeky designs that are guaranteed to get heads turning.

For the past decade, Masha Apparel has been proudly empowering women with garments that are unapologetically fun, colorful, and unique. Our one-of-a-kind pieces are meticulously handmade with sustainable materials, natural fabrics and eco-dyes. Our clothing promotes body positivity, transcending age, gender, nationality, and style to unleash your confidence and joy onto the world.

The journey to create the perfect garment.

The creative seed behind our exquisite clothing collection is rooted in a passion for fashion and a long process of exploration and experimentation with fabrics, patterns and colors. Even before walking away from a finance career and travelling to New York to attend Parsons, Masha Ruginets has developed a reputation for fearless trendsetting artistry and eye-catching sense of style. Since 2012, she had been dedicated to designing apparel that does not sacrifice happiness and comfort for aesthetic appeal and is proud to deliver these unique pieces to people worldwide.


Ethically and sustainably handcrafted in Canada.

Our refusal to compromise ethical responsibility, environmental stewardship, and commitment to quality is what sets us apart from fast fashion. The majority of products used to create our unique garments and accessories are sourced in Canada from organic and sustainable materials. Our clothing is weaved from natural fabrics and hand dyed with toxin free eco dyes.

Sustainability is at the core of our production process through an ongoing effort to reduce plastics in packaging, limit paper use, eliminate waste, and minimize carbon-based energy consumption. All our collections are limited editions. As a company led by women, we are proud pledgee of the Living Wage Network with a firm commitment to eliminate gender-based wage inequality and empower women not only within our local community but worldwide.

As featured in Flare, CBC.com, ThekitCa, and Elle Canada